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        Summits over 2000 meters


Here's a guide of the 10 tops over 2000 m 
All the peaks over 2000 meters in Rondane be reached relatively easily. In 5 of them are also marked route of DNT, it comes Rondeslottet, Høgronden, Storronden, Veslesmeden and Vinjeronden. All these peaks reached smoothly from mountain lodges. The times I have stated, are times to the top, unless otherwise stated. The return journey from the tops usually takes only a little over half the time it takes up. Currently (July 2) is the relatively large amount of snow in Rondane, so that some of the peaks can still be difficult to climb.




To Rondeslottet at 2178 m is between 3 and 4.5 hours' march from Rondvassbu. Where there is a marked route from both Bjørhollia and Rondvassbu.  

Vinjeronden at 2044 m on the same trip, if you start from Rondvassbu. The route brings you the most used and the shortest. Here, go up the slight incline from the lodge to Rondavassdalen, from the end of it is strongly incline towards Vinjeronden. Some scrambling before it reached the top, but you take the time to help reach Vinjeronden okay. On top of Vinjeronden it selsvsagt good views and a 2000 meter peak is reached. So many turns here. If you choose to proceed to Rondeslottet, wait a march of 30-50 min. It involves some light scrambling, but ascend is not very steep. When the top in good weather, the view is tremendous. Jotunheimen peaks can be seen well. Rondslottets west wall plunges 700 meters straight down into Greylegs Long Valley. The route follows the route between Bjørnhollia Bjørnhollia Dørålseter and the taking of the Long Greylegs Valley. From there it is equally steep climb to the top. A third route to Rondeslottet is up from the end of the Ronde Lake. The route is not marked, but still a great route that is not particularly difficult to walk.

Storronden at 2138 m is probably the most visited peak in Rondane. The trip, marked by Rondvassbu, is 1.5 - 3 hours with straightforward climb. The route follows the same path that it Rondslottet at first, before they separated where Rondvassdalen starts. From there it is rising steadily towards the right towards the top, but be aware that you are on 3 "småtopper" before the summit is reached, so be patient, the top does not come immediately, here are the views prime, but beware of the cliff down in Long Bottom across the top, here is the loose skiffs and lodrett cliff! From the top you can also take you down the trail to Rondslottet, then follow the back and not get too far down to Rondvassdalen, where it is steep! See map. You can also follow back further toward Bjørnhollia.

To Veslesmeden at 2015 m is also marked by Rondvassbu. Hit go for 1.5 to 3 hours. This top is easy to reach. Recommended if you are looking for great views and a 2000m peak, without too much effort. Here, go up on Rondhalsen before the climb to the summit starts. Hit can also come in winter to ski, under good snow conditions you can go all the way to ski. But remember skifellene, it is steep up from Rondhalsen!

Storsmeden at 2016 m is some notches harder to climb. That does not mean climbing ropes or accessories are needed, but training and experience should be a little better. This climb the 2 - 3.5 hours from Rondvassbu. The most common route up there, from the band between Steet (1996 m) and Big Smith, and back up from there. The band is well-marked route that runs through Lang The hole to Dårålseter. From the back you up in 30-50 min. Here is the scrambling and you need to concentrate a little bit about choices. But the problem is not on offer. Are you experienced and steady on my feet, you can also visit the band from Veslesmeden. Do not make the trip in bad weather, here are a few passages airy and loose scree!

Midtrondene at 2060 m and 2042 m, Digerronden at 2015 m and Høgronden at 2114 m
, is often customary to take a ride. See picture to the right of the four peaks. Start from Dørålseter or Rondvassbu, or tent in Langlupdalen or Dørålseter. Up to Høgronden (far left in photo) is marked by both Bjørhollia and Dørålseter. Via Høgronden is 8-10 hours between the huts, ie 4-5 hours to summit from both houses. A widely used route. Høgrondbua just below the top of Høgronden, was also the first Dnt shed built in the Rondane 1800 - s. Are you having with the three other peaks, too, follows the ridge from the Høgronden Digerronden (far right). Are you a little caution is okay, but be in shape for it, the day is spent on this trip. Digerronden is also nice to climb alone from Rondvasbu or Dørålseter, you can of course also from the Høgronden .. See the picture.

Sagtind at 2020 m is the last summit. This is the hardest to reach. You may be able to reach it from both Dørålseter and brings you, but it entails long marches on mine. 7-8 hours (round trip). So I recommend counting nearby to climb the top. By Langholsvannet there are some good teltplasser.Mest used route up there, back up from the start of Long The hole, a mighty valley created by glacial rampage. Ascend takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. There are a lot of big timepiece. Expect a lot of scrambling on large rocks / i watch. Are you early, note the snowdrift below the summit. Do not take it on the way down. (Has experience that it can be ice under the snow) Another possible route is from the band from Steet. This route is only suited for good weather and good visibility. The band is sharp, so good experience needed, ropes may be needed. Over there, there are several very difficult points.

If you have not got big enough challenges of these trips? Try all 10 in one day! The tour is completed by several people and results in a marathon. The record I have heard is on 11-12 hours...

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