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    N61º 53,305'
 E009º 29,256'

Useful information

Haukliseter Fjellstue is located at Høvringen at the intrance to the Rondane National Park, 120 km north of Lillehammer, and 8 km from the E6. At an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Haukliseter commands a panorama view of Høvringen an the surrounding mountains. Accessible by car, or by rail to Otta in the Gudbrandsdalen valley and from Otta up the mountain by bus.

From 2. february to easter:
Direct bus from Gardermoen every saturday at platform B 31, 2:00 pm.
Return from Ronane Haukliseter Fjellhotel the next saturday at 8:00 am

Price return ticket: NOK. 800,- One way: NOK. 400,-

This bus may also be used by other guests than those who visit Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell.

How too book:

Telephone: 61 23 37 17
Mobile:    90 62 41 95
Telefax: 61 23 37 50
E-mail :

Use this telephone number if you have any problems at the airport + 47 90 62 41 95

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