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    N61º 53,305'
 E009º 29,256'


     Pascal Blockx










Cross-country trails

Høvringen can offer 150 km of groomed trails on sparkling expanses in the high mountains. In the forest, the ski tracks wind between large, old pine trees. From Høvringen you can go to Dovrehytta or Peer Gynt hytta, or enter a peak trip to Formokampen.

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Mountain skiing

Entering Rondane there is great mountain skiing terrain. Gentle expanses or tougher summit hikes.

If you want to rent ski equipment or take a course, get in touch

 Rondane Ski Center in Høvringen

Dog team

Steady dogs work their way across endless white expanses, with you as driver behind the sled. A powerful experience!
Rondeheim - the Norwegian mountain school offers dog sledding on request. Throughout the winter, dog sledding is organized for children, see activity calendar.

Rondeheim - the Norwegian mountain school

Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell  |  Høvringen  |  2673 Høvringen  |  Tlf: 61 23 37 17 | Mob: 90 62 41 95